Monday, January 23, 2012

well i started ugh and it sucks for something i begged god for to come i am not as excited as i thought i would be because of the pain... but tomorrow as it subsides i will be like whoo hooo mother nature is kicking in and i just need to keep loosing weight so i can have a baby! i mean if it happens at that time than it happens i need to pray on it... did better today with my eating was able to totally stay in control and feel great! going to gym

Saturday, January 21, 2012

my thoughts are all over the place... these are the craziest things in the world. i just pray to you lord i just ask for forgivness and serinity adn peace an patience adn ove and understanding and support too! amen

Monday, January 16, 2012

 ok it was a great start this am busy but a nice calm start... than something happen in the afternoon that seem to Storm over him. i ma letting him stew in it and know that i ma not going to take this... he went on moving things and i went on to go shopping and gather things that i needed for this week and for a lil valentines day. sometimes if i wait too long its too late and there is lil to pick from. i went shopping for grandma today. i hope that she has a change of heart toward me....  scott hasn't and i also just shut of my relationship with my step dad and mom. they aren't even actively involved in my kiddos lives so i dunno what to think. i had to put off my procedure and maybe just will get a ultrasound instead lol